Hadeel Husein


Hadeel demonstrated history of working in several fields and industries, her main focus was on projects management, corporate social responsibility management, strategic planning and fundraising. Her involvement in different sectors while maintaining focus on business enriched her ability to articulate new and different concepts and insights in her work.

In addition, Hadeel has hands on experience in designing, planning, and implementing programs directed at supporting start-ups and new ventures. She worked with different age groups and maintained relationships between the private, public sector and international organizations, and has been involved in high level decision making activities.

Hadeel believes in the importance of an effective business management as an essential mean for business development and eventually Palestinian economic development. This growing passion towards business development, and the drive to play an active role in the Palestinian economic sector, led her to pursue her triple masters in International Management, International Business, and MBA and spend 2 years in a knowledge exchange and “gaining experience” learning approach in three different countries, France, Italy, and China.

Hadeel is now part of Solutions family, and shares their aspiration for being part of the current and future positive change locally and internationally.





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