Nora Dajani


Nora Dajani holds a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration with double concentration in Management and Marketing from the American University of Beirut. Her passion to gain knowledge and explore different subjects inspired her to continue her education and study further subjects, where she became a Certified Human Resource Management Professional and a Certified Expert in Micro Finance. Currently, Nora is a CFA Level III Candidate.

Nora joined Solutions in 2017. As a Consultant, she has a wide scope of activities, which encompasses compiling data, performing in-depth quantitative and qualitative research, and keenly analyzing data related to economic development, financial, and business consulting projects, in addition to contributing to company planning, knowledge base, and skills development initiatives.

Her education, skills, and expertise enabled her to be part of various activities including conducting comprehensive financial analysis and modeling for new and existing projects, business valuations, and due diligence engagements. Additionally, Nora led several market research projects with the aim of assessing the Palestinian market’s supply and demand side, competition, needs, and challenges in order to develop recommendations and business plans for large corporations and small businesses and organizations as well.

Moreover, Nora is an enthusiastic and determined person who is driven by innovation and growth. Throughout her academic and professional experiences, she was able to cultivate her knowledge and skills and became dedicated to achieving success. She strives to become a professional consultant who is able to conduct studies, analyze contextual situations, and give advises and recommendation in order to contribute to the economic and business development of Palestine.




Address: Sehwail Building, 22 Naji Ali Street,
Almasyoun, Ramallah, Palestine
Tel: +970 (0) 2 2970710
Fax: +970 (0) 2 2970711



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