Salam Awartani


After receiving a B.A in Economics from Bard College in New York, United Stated of America, Salam decided to bring back his experience, passion and ambitions to make a difference in his home country, Palestine. To pursue his personal vision, Salam joined Solutions for Development Consulting Co. team in 2016 to be a part of a vehicle that extends its impact in both the public and private sector.


Ever since joining Solutions, Salam has utilized his analytical and interpersonal skills to provide Solutions' clients with data-driven solutions and unique pesrpectives. His direct exposure to a handful of industries, including real estate, fast moving goods, construction, agriculture, nutrition and more, has made him a more dynamic and innovative consultant that strives to take on the next challenge.


His ability to use high communicative and social skills has given him an edge in market oriented services that require extensive first-person interactions and data collection skills. This helped Salam in carrying out market research, business planning, value chain analysis, market feasability studies, client support and offering well thought off recommendations for businesses and organizations both new and established.


During his time in Solutions, Salam also developed technical skills in the deal generatation, due diligence, and post aquasition for multiple private equtiy engagements. This enabled Salam to understand the process flow of private equity investments and provide recommendatos for senior analysts on optimizing deal structures.



Address: Sehwail Building, 22 Naji Ali Street,
Almasyoun, Ramallah, Palestine
Tel: +970 (0) 2 2970710
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