Sary Jbail

Associate Consultant

Sary Jbail joined Solutions in 2014, bringing in valuable market insights characterized by his previous experiences as a trade market representative at Audeh for Imports and Distribution. This experience seasoned his interpersonal communications skills, effective time management, and selling skills.

Before joining Solutions, Sary held previous positions as a salesperson at multiple local companies. He effectively applies his salesmanship skills to his market research techniques to explore client issues and to derive the desired market insights. 

Sary’s direct work with customers and in-depth knowledge of the market equipped him with a unique angle to assess market trends and behaviour to formulate practical recommendations.

Sary holds a B.Sc. in Business Administration from Birzeit University. He was an active member with the student activities office at the university, and volunteers with the Civic Forum Institute. Sary values the surprise of a great book and believes in continuous self-education as a way to cultivate personal growth.



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Almasyoun, Ramallah, Palestine
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