Tala Abdulhadi


Tala Abdulhadi joined Solutions in 2014, she brings to solutions an empirically enriched experience in political communication, where she was part of several teams who assisted in several political campaigns, advocacy work, and lobbying.

Prior to joining Solutions, Tala was part of the project team of Australia Middle East NGO Cooperation Agreement – AMENCA 2 – at ActionAid Australia; where she was able to strengthen her project management and research skills. During her work at ActionAid Australia, she conducted a comprehensible Value for Money Study.

Tala adds to Solutions a global understanding of the public sphere’s political, economic, social, and environmental needs and wants. She has a keen passion for social justice and women’s rights. Tala was involved with the Global Social Justice Network at University of Sydney, as well as Model Global Parliament.

Moreover, she explored the contested notions of Sustainable Development and Sustainable livelihoods in Indonesia, which allowed her to explore fundamental issues of urbanization, resource scarcity and economic globalization.

Tala received a MSc. in Development Studies from University of Sydney, Australia. She also completed her BA in Advertising and Marketing Communication, majoring in Political Communication at the University of Canberra. Tala enjoys a well-produced theatre production, experimenting with food, snorkeling and art exhibitions.  



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