Business Consulting

We support our clients to make smart business decisions that are rooted in facts. We combine our creative strategy and analytics approach to navigate through the unpredictable political and economic environment.

We analyze our clients’ market(s), competition, internal, and external audiences to help them grow. We collaboratively work with them to focus on growth initiatives and transform functional areas to enable their business to reach its full economic potential and make their strategic goals a reality.

Financial Valuation

Valuations are important for investment analysis, capital budgeting, mergers and acquisitions, and financial reporting. We utilize systematic methods to provide reliable and accurate estimation for the value of an enterprise. We use the discounted free cash flow (DFCF) method for operating businesses, and asset valuation for real estate property and non-operating assets.

Brand strategy

We design purposeful brands that help customers understand what our clients stand for and what they do. We follow a participatory and people-centric process to address your audiences specific interests, and tell your story to the right people in the right way. A unique, clear and compelling story.

No organization is too small to need a marketing plan or a brand story. We take on diverse challenges and budgets, short-term projects to long-term programs.

Marketing Strategy

We design engaging marketing strategies that drive up both revenue and profits. We provide our clients with answers to, who exactly are your customers? What are they looking for? What are their alternatives?We create strong socially responsible marketing programs and identify new ways to serve our client’s customers by uncovering existing needs, behaviors, and desire. 

Business Planning

Our business planning services are the detailing of strategies when positive feasibility is projected. We provide our clients with realistic and actionable operational, managerial, financial, and marketing plans.

Feasibility Studies: Planning and Analysis

Testing the waters! We engage with our clients at the conceptualization phase to assess social, environmental, financial and technological expectations. We envision scenarios that determine whether the project is a go or a no go. 

Strategy Development

Successful business strategies are grounded in the truth of an organization and its competitive advantage. We apply the science and art of strategy development to uniquely capture our client’s vision. We define their business lines to create value and improve performance.We offer a spectrum of strategy development services that range from operational, managerial, marketing and other strategies. 

Market Research: Sectors, Products

We provide sector-based market data, in-depth research and analysis of market trends, growth forecasts, and market dimensions. We develop complete value-chain analyses to help create business planning tools for existing and potential development initiatives and investments.We utilize various data collection tools such as: Sample surveys/questionnaires, phone and internet surveys, omnibus surveys, indicative surveys, structured interviews, group interviews, focus groups, observations through field visits, and mystery shopping.



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