Management Consulting

We think that management consulting is about rethinking current business operations, envisioning news ones and applying them. We adopt innovative methodologies and best practices frameworks to best identify problems and recommend effective and efficient solutions. We have a track record of success in guiding different types of organizations to improve performance through comprehensive analysis of existing organizational problems.

Diagnosis and Assessment

Although considered part of monitoring and evaluation, we highlight these services for institutions (Public, Private, and NGOs) to assess current problematic situations. We focus this service on functions such as administration, finance, operation, and marketing. We diagnose legal, structural, systemic, operational, and managerial situations and envision performance improvement actions.

Monitoring and Evaluation

Nothing ties the loop of an effective and successful management process cycle like a solid monitoring and evaluation plan. We help our clients understand and set performance measures, starting with intentions and ending by impact. We work with project managers and donor agencies to conducting mid- and end-of-project evaluations to test for relevancy, efficiency, effectiveness, sustainability, and current vs. potential impacts.

Human Resource Development & Planning

An institution’s success is all about the human capital it retains. We believe organizational values are inspired by people who lead by example, leaders who nurture an organizational environment that promotes trust and cooperation among all its levels.We provide our clients with a wide range of HR services: HR policy and procedures manual, recruitment procedures, job descriptions, salary schemes besides monetized benefits, competence development plans, motivation systems and other related services.

Organizational Structure

We believe that for organizations to be successful that must be structured in a way that serves its strategic intentions. We work with our clients to structure or re-structure their organizations to achieve these intentions. Our approach is distinct because it is customized fit each client’s identity and unique setting. 

Planning and Management: Operation, Financial, Administration

We work with organizations to develop practical plans based on strategic and SMART objectives (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Result-oriented, and Time-bound) in the areas of Operations, Finance, and Administrative planning and management. 

Process Reengineering

The essence of process reengineering is radical redesign to achieve dramatic improvements. We assist our clients realize improved and streamlined quality service delivery by helping them rethink their processes. We focus on the eliminating unproductive activities, reducing cost, and reorganizing fragmented processes. 

Strategic Planning

Strategic thinking, development, and planning processes are important to remain relevant and responsive to the changing local and international business environment.We assist our clients to hold their core values at the center and use the Result Based Management (RBM) approach to articulate their vision and implement their objectives. This means planning operational and managerial activities, setting quantifiable outcomes, and key performance indicators that can serve as a basis for monitoring and evaluation processes and impact assessments.



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